Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Liina passes Spurlaut!

Hi again!

Breaking the silence after several months... but with great news!

Liina has passed her Sfk and Sp exams in Germany. :) I am so crazy proud of the little Zwerg! Better yet, her score (although still second prize) of 91pts is the highest of my dogs. 

So proud, proud, proud!

The smallest member of my family added new titles to her name
Officially she is now: NORD DK FI SEU(v) LT RO ROGr SLO WUTCH SEVCH
LZ: Sfk, Sp, SE-SchwhK

Although this type of testing is not required for breeding in Sweden, I, personally, like and support the German aptitude testing. Spurlaut is genetic and even though Liina's mother carries for Spurlaut-she earned her Sp with 100pts-her father was not tested. All of the family is hot on fox and have excellent noses, so I hoped the small girl would be Sp. She also hinted at it earlier this year giving some "yips" chasing rabbits in our neighborhood.

I love this little girl to bits.  Even though she is not the standard I signed up for, she has far exceeded my expectations in terms of beauty, temperament, and now function... earning her Championship in tracking in Sweden and aptitude merits in Germany. I also know that she is courageous enough to meet the badger (caged) as well as the fox (uncaged) and hope that we can also test her in underground this year.  

I have been dreaming to one day have a dog I could attempt a Vp with... Liina might be that dog, little as she is. Time will tell, but for now... machts weiter...

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