Friday, November 18, 2016

Going on Hiatus

Hello to all my readers.
As you have seen, I've been quite the bad blogger over the past year. There have been a lot of twists and turns and currently, job searching is my top priority so that the dogs and I can continue to enough our European adventure.

Never fear! All the dogs are stellar. Baxter and Liina are enjoying daily walks in the forest and Freddie's daughter Thekla will be moving in with him in January 2017. That being said, a new chapter in my life begins, one without my Freddog. Although Freddie has lived with Simon since I moved out in April of 2015, I still maintained co-ownership and we were committed to training, tracking, etc...  We have mutually decided to now singly own the dogs. Even though I knew that eventually this day would come, I am still saddened that my first, loving dackel boy will no longer be my own. I will still see him and his daughter and be in touch, though, so a little silver lining there.

Due to the craziness of my own life, I am putting the blog on hiatus. I hope that I will be able to pick it up again sooner or later, but for now all important and current information will be on my Kennel page:

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again sooner than later.

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